Has there ever been a clothing item that just takes you back to your childhood? A while back, while shopping I came across a dungaree dress that immediately transported me back to the good old days. So obviously, I just had to try it on and although I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, I just couldn’t help myself.

Finally, after a couple weeks hanging in my closet, I decided to channel my inner child and wear it. After going through the usual routine of worrying I have nothing to wear and rummaging through my wardrobe like a crazed woman, I thought ‘why not?’. Since I ended up loving how the outfit turned up, I decided to share it with you. The dungaree dress is from Pull&Bear, and what really sold me was the distressing (I’m all about distressed denim). I decided to go for a simple outfit and paired it with a basic strappy white t-shirt from Boohoo and white Converse.

-A ♡

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