The weather has finally cooled down a little here in Malta and it would seem sweater weather is right around the corner. Although I’m a summer girl, if there’s anything I’m excited about during fall is the apparel. It’s that time when the temperature isn’t so extreme and I can actually enjoy putting together some outfits before winter comes (and I know I will pretty much be living in oversized hoodies and leggings). So today I decided to share with you some clothing pieces that are a must during this season and are always a staple in my closet (I’ve also included some pieces that caught my eye while browsing through clothing sites).


Duhh! It’s sweater weather after all. Sweaters are a real must have; they can be worn with pretty much anything, from jeans to skirts, and are also perfect for layering when it starts getting colder in the wintery months. I’m guilty of owning a few too many but you’ve got to be prepared, so cropped, oversized and sweater dresses are not something I’m going to run out of anytime soon!

Denim jacket

… or jackets. We don’t judge here. Anyway, everyone should have at least one staple denim jacket in their wardrobe. They are a must during this transitional period. They can literally be worn over anything and will make the outfit look more put together. Plus they are perfect for those days where I need to leave early in the morning for Uni when it’s still chilly out but I know it will get warmer throughout the day.


Another great piece for transitional weather when the temperature might change throughout the day. I personally love to wear super over sized ones over denim shorts or little dresses during the fall. They can literally cosy up any outfit, even those worn when I’m not quite ready to let summer go.

Leather skirt

Let me emphasize that I mean faux leather; no animal should be harmed for anything we wear. This is a trend I’ve been loving which I think is prefect during this season. And to think, if you would have asked me a couple years ago I would have said with assertion that I would never wear leather. Although I’m still not sure I can pull off the whole tight leather pants, I’m surely loving leather skirts. I personally love to wear this with a chunky sweater to dress it down a little and not seem too much.

Duster coat

Everything I’ve mentioned above is somewhat laid back, so this piece is perfect for transitioning more formal outfits for the fall season (although not necessarily). This is ideal for the current weather here in Malta, as it is not that cold yet. Duster coats tend to be relatively thin so they won’t do much in keeping you warm, but the extra layer of clothing should help if it gets a little chilly.

Knee high socks/boots

I decided to group these two together but they’re both must haves in my fall closet. Knee highs have been in fashion for some years now and are seen everywhere. I love to pair the socks with booties and wear them with a dress or skirt to warm me up. The boots will also go perfectly with skinny jeans, even in the wintery months. I also like to wear these with t-shirt and sweater dresses.


The easiest way to transition an outfit for the cooler weather is by accessorizing. Scarves are a great way to add an extra layer of clothing to keep yourself warm while also making an outfit look more put together. A scarf can be the statement piece to a basic look and add that little something to a simple outfit. The great thing about accessories is that by changing them up, you can make an outfit look completely different and you would be able to wear the same clothing pieces but create a different look.

These are obviously just a few key pieces that can hopefully guide you if you’re trying to prepare your closet for this season. I hope you found this helpful.

-A ♡


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